Health Education-Prevention-Advocacy

In efforts of achieving our mission, HER Initiative offers various health education and prevention programs and workshops. We know that women are the gatekeepers of their family’s health. Research has shown that on average men visit their doctors less than women. Our health education and prevention goals are to equip women and girls with knowledge and resources around health issues that affect African Americans the most. We have programming designed for middle grades through adulthood.


HER VOICE (Voting, Organizing, Investigating and Communicating for Equity)

Designed to increase political participation by black women and girls around issues impacting them and their communities through issue (i.e. reproductive and social justice, health equity, access to care) literacy, advocacy and political participation in local, national and global arenas. This program promotes learning about the political process, how to advocate for communities through trauma informed policy recommendations, and how to prepare for entering politics.

Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls is a three hour interactive and educational workshop for college-aged women.  The purpose of Between Us Girls is to create an environment conducive to open and honest dialogue surrounding HIV/AIDS in a fun an interactive way. 

Black Woman Whole

Black Woman Whole is a full day intensive healing and reclamation retreat for women ages 18 and older centered around unhealed hurt from childhood trauma or missteps in rearing directly related to communications and beliefs about sexual health and well-being for black women and girls. The approach consists of a combination of instruction, writing exercises, small groups, and group activities.

Workshops sessions are facilitated by professionals ranging from licensed clinicians, sexual health educators, practitioners and subject matter experts. Workshop sessions are primarily led by same-gender although a session may include perspectives from the opposite gender.

Black Woman Whole

Youth Series

Designed to support the foundational, emotional and social development of youth, this six module series for youth ages 13-17 seeks to foster and support positive outcomes for youth. Youth are recognized more and more as being trailblazers in today’s social, political and economic arenas. When youth are exposed to mentors and educational forums evidence has shown a decreased participation in unhealthy behaviors. Topics covered include but are not limited to conflict resolution, activism/volunteerism, entrepreneurship, relationships and personal safety around sexual health, sex trafficking and social media.

Youth Series

Wellness (Nutrition & Exercise)

While we understand there are many factors that affect life expectancy, the average life expectancy has increased for African American women- 78.4 years. With exercise and nutrition being at the forefront to combat illnesses related to obesity, we are committed to partnering with organizations to help us stay moving and overall adopting healthier lifestyles.

Hey Strong Sister

Mental health and associated conditions are grossly misunderstood and the least talked about within the African American community. The strong black woman mantra is troublesome at best as black women continue to shoulder the day to day responsibilities of life from child rearing, to working a 9 to 5, supporting significant others and being active in the community. This campaign seeks to acknowledge how necessary the dialogue is, allow for a safe space for black women to express their pain and provide resources to support them while they are leaving behind the harmful aspects of being “the strong one.”

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